Around the Restaurant 2200, in the sector of Beret, the ski resort of Baqueira has a track that has been considered a giant, is about 200 meters long.

The descent of each skier is videotaped automatically and after the fun the video can be download on the official website of the station ( ) and published or shared on social networks.

Today, after being open for only 45 dias, they have already more than 10,000 throws that have been realized in the Audi Ski Kronos from Baqueira Beret, ever since it started working during the middle of december.

The track has become a huge success thanks to the competencies that have been organized

With 12 doors this fun giant throw that is 200 meters long utilizes an easy transfer and is open to everyone. Thanks to the recording of the video and the time, the skiers could share and compare their experience to others. It is located next to the terrace of the Restaurant 2200, this closeness allows us to enjoy the show.

Now day, almost 22,000 people have seen the videos posted on the online platform and throughout the 45 days that has been open about 220 users of media have been there.

The technology of the Audi Ski Kronos, pioneer in the Pyrenees and free for users functions along the code bar of the forfait and each participant can know their exact time and find their video and repeat it as many times as they want. Ideal to drink out the beer from après ski with your friends !