Valmorel ski resort, located in Savoie, organizes this saturday 23rd January the 1st edition of the Spartan Winter Race. This unique obstacle race will assemble on its first celebration around 2000 participants, with and special guest on top position: Laura Thilleman, Ambassadress of Reebook.

This route, different from all the “classics” on the mud, has been adapted strictly for a snow environment: here the snow is the key since the participants will be able to use the ski domain of Valmorel as playing field.

For obvious reasons, the profile of the race is confidential. Nothing will be unveiled, not even the starting date,the exact number of kilometres and the obstacles will remain a secret until…the finish line!

Reebok Spartan Winter Race: between 7 and 8 kilometres across the snow

Here are some technique information that should rise enthusiasm to participate or even attend as a spectator to this great event. It would be between 7 and 8 kilometres across the snow, including also obstacles all along the route. This an ideal distance to have fun with some friend, a first training fit a beginner and also for the elites of this discipline!

The route is similar to a Trail, since it crosses the forest and lower areas, with trenches and obstacles to climb, but also rough terrains, with hidden natural obstacles, as water areas or slippery areas.

Participating on this obstacle race is a real challenge: desire for self-betterment, rebel yourself and discover your limits.


It’s COMPULSORY that every obstacle is overcomed, on pain of sanctions! To supervise all of this, 30 judges placed on every obsctacle (BURPEES) will approve each test.

The race will be timed and included on a worldwide ranking, like the other Spartan Race, aal of them references on the obstacle races world.

The next race will take place, thi time on the mood, on the atlantic coast, in Charentes-Maritimes, next 7th May 2016.

Program of the Spartan Winter Race in Valmorel:

Departure Time: first 150 people at 9h
Between 9h and 12h: groups of 150 people will leave each 15 mins.

Spectators are welcome to encourage participants all along the route!