On the French Pyrenees, we encounter a great numer of ski resorts of different sizes available for the thousands of skiers, eagerly waiting for the snow to arrive! But if we want to make our first steps in the world of winter sports, we wonder where shall we go!

The largests ski resorts, whith the highest sales volumen of ski pass a season, are the ones that have more access to the communication resources to contact the public, getting a large part of the market to their resort.

However, in a massive ski domain, the existance of a great number of hotel vacancies or having modern and numerous chairlifts doesn’t mean that this is a “perfect place to lern skiing”, but the opposite. 

The major ski resorts have sometimes their parkings far away from the foot of the slopes, their ski passes are extremely expensive, there are long queues, high density of people and the quality of the services decreases. For the experts and medium level skiers this places miht seam perfect. However, they remain a nefarious expererience for the ones starting on the white sport.

Val Louron: the perfect ski resort to learn

Today, the I LOVE SKI team has travelled to one of the ski resorts most recommended in order to learn to sking on the French Pyrenees: Val Louron.

Everything is adapted for the youngest of the family. There is an area, called Piou-Piou, which is dedicated exclusively to the sliegh ride, with easy access (there is a parking near), with no great density of traffic and magnificient views of the valley.

The beginners area is practically flat, with a slightly descent, and here is where we will find all the necessary facilities (accomodation, cafeterias, restaurants, nursery…) and everything is nearby and charming, in a pedestrian exclusive area, where you have the reassurance that your kids will be on safety.

Val Louron ski resort is one of the stations with the foot of the slopes with less altitud (1.450 metres) assuring a nice weather and facing no exposure to the unpleasant wind that could ruin a beautiful day skiing. The disposal of the slopes is very progressive, so that the easiest ones (green and blue) are on the lower part of the ski domain, where we can enter on foot perfectly. It’s the case of the ski lift conveyor “Trounquet” or the chairlift “Sapins” that provide access to green slopes, the easy ones with no risks.

The ski lifts “Myrtilles” amd “Rochers” are chairlifts alows the skiers to arrive to higher levels, descending the blues slopes as “Tuco” y “Bouleaux” or taking the lifts Tuco o Ardounes on higher levels, that gives access to blue slopes such as “sarrouyes” y “sarrouyettes”, with more than 2100 mts altitude and spectacular views of 360º of the Pyrenees, where we could observe larger ski resorts as Saint Lary o Peyragudes.

Unless the unpleasant winter we are facing this season on the Pyrenees, the ski resort is trying hard to keep their ski domain on the best conditions possible thanks to thier 50 snowmaking, in addition to the great job of a small team with ilusion and a big smile. All of this makes the experience remains enjoyable and familiar.

Obviously, one of the appealings of this ski resort is also the price of its ski pass, much more competitive than the one from the closer competitors, making a great difference for certain public choosing Val Louron as the destination.

With daily ski pass at 27,50€ for adults, 24,50€ for youth ( 12-17) and kids ( 6-11) at only 21€, skiing becomes more accesible to all budgets. If you can choose the wensday to visit the ski resort, the ski pass for the kids (6-11) is only 5,90€…simply spectacular!