It is located at 1,800 meters above the sea level and the altitude guarantees a good snow. Actually, the resort opened on December, 17th, the sector Le Seignus opened on Saturday, October 19th.

The resort comprises three areas and two complementary bowls: La Foux and Seignus, and the mountain village. It features 180 kilometers of slopes, 67 slopes exactly perfect for the whole family. It belongs to the Espace Lumiere, the Light Space in English, one of the best ski areas in France.

New activities are now featured in Val d’Allos. Each was developed and thought so skiers can live amazing experiences with the family or as a couple.

Domaines skiables du Val d’Allos

Amongst the novelties of this winter season:

• Bully Drive

Are you seeking new experiences, new feelings? Val d’Allos ski resort offers you to drive a groomer. During 45 minutes, a professional will help you to drive the huge snowmobile. A unique experience piloting such a monster!

Price: 50 euros.
On Wednesday and Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

• Bully Découverte

This time it is not about driving but understanding the work of the groomers. It is a profession full of surprises, and you can discover it sitting right next to the driver. The groomer maintains ski trails and improves the quality of the ski area. In the morning you can enjoy the slopes recently doomed. It is a unique experience as a passenger.

Price: 30 euros.
Every evening.

Again with the groomers, La Foux hosts an exhibition each Thursday from 10 to 12 and Seignus on Sundays except on winter holidays. Have a go, it is entirely free.

• Open Ski-Run

Val d’Allos also offers help the ski patrollers for the opening of the slopes. In the early morning, you can help bordering, marking out the slope, or reporting dangers. You can also enjoy the slopes still immaculate after the dooming.

Price: 5 euros.
Every morning.

And activities are also provided especially for the children. Games and competitions are organized every week.

• The secrets of the snow

Discover with your family the snowmaking factory. You will learn everything about snowmaking, the pumps, the compressors… Understand how it works and the different types of snow. The parking place of the groomers will also be open.

Price: 5 euros
Every Thursday at 3 pm.

• Voies Skizz

It is the activity perfect for the younger, they can discover the mountain and the animals of the forest. They can even win a prize with the Euréka Quizz, give back the test at the Point Info of the resort and take your price!

Boule de neige and Ribouldingue are the slopes for the beginners with photo areas. The slope of the heroes is also part of the beginner area, in the sector Seignus in Val d’Allos.

When you see the sign « panorama » on the slopes, you can expect a spectacular view. Don’t miss them, it is inescapable!

For any inquiry or booking information please contact us:

  • at the “information point” of the resort
  • at our phone number 00 33 4 92 83 81 44
  • by email
  • the website of the resort