Open since November, 28th, Montgenèvre, multicultural resort is known to be the most Italian of the French ski resorts.
In fact, Italy is the theme of many of the events of the winter thanks to the twinning with the Italian village Montegrosso. To celebrate the San Ambrogio on December, 5th and 6th, the artisanal producers directly go to the resort and sell their Italian products at the market, a jazz gig and a mas are also planned.

For the Italian week, between February 21st and 26th, Italian cooking classes are organized as well as classes of Italian, we are here speaking about learning the language, as well as classes of Italian culture and gigs and Italian cinema. Vincenzo Coppola, responsible for promoting the resort approves the twinning. From his office he can even see the border!

For the last week of January, Montgenèvre hosts the Firemen National Championships but also safety and prevention activities. You can book your tickets until December, 20th.

And February will be a month full of events as well. In fact, the resort organizes on the 8th the 5th edition of the Snowrace, an amazing trail full of breathtaking views. There are two main routes, a 16-kilometer long trail where skiers will have to climb 750 meters and a 28 kilometer-long one with an elevation level of 1,500 meters. “You’ll have to be pretty determined” said Vincenzo Coppola.

But the winter season will not be finished yet: on February 21st, the 9th marathon de la Clarée will be organized with 3 routes: 42 kilometers, 24 and 10 kilometers for professional and mountain lovers. It is a cross country skiing race on Nordic trails.

And for the end of the season on April 2nd and 3rd, the “1000 pattes” (1000 paws) race will take place. It is the 29th edition of the event where young skiers compete on the slopes. And every year a closing ceremony ends the event, this year the theme was the “S”, Spiderman was a very successful disguise…

It is a family event that bring together up to 4000 people at the resort who enjoy the snow for the last time of the season. The resort open continuously until April 23rd.