Leader of skiing in Spain with a market share over 20%, Aramon welcomed more than a million visitors in 2014-2015, and is the largest ski area in Spain.

We met Antonio Gerico, Head of Aramon group, who presented his 5 ski resorts in Northern Spain in the ski resorts Aramon Holding.

Antonio, can you tell us briefly about the Aramon Group’s resorts and their characteristics ? 

First, we have two resorts located in the Sierras de Gúdar- Javalambre, in the heart of Teruel region: Javalambre and Valdelinares.

Javalambre and Valdelinares

Even if little known the ski resorts are very charming. They seem to be recreational areas, with beginner areas and snow parks.
If you know the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, it is quite the same! Javalambre and Valdelinares are like a ” manufacture ” of skiers.
They provide many activities for everyone to live a unique experience.

Going further North in the Pyrenees, you can go skiing at Formigal / Panticosa and Cerler ski resorts.

Formigal / Panticosa

The ski resort of Formigal / Panticosa, located near Spanish French border offers 176 kilometers of slopes, 146 slopes over six valleys; it is no more nor less than the largest ski area of the Iberian Peninsula.
Continuously connected by bus, the sectors of Formigal and Panticosa are perfect for families.
The quality of service is high: the ski resort features as many 4 star hotels as all the resorts of the Spanish Pyrenees together. It features many complementary activities, its “après ski” activities are worth the ones in the Austrian and French Alps.
The Marchica is the fashionable place in which you will abandon the slopes for the dance floor! Children and teenagers are not left behind and can enjoy the group events organized through the winter.


Cerler ski resort is the Eastern resort of the group, and also the highest of the Aragonese Pyrenees. It feature an extensive ski area, for the delight of experienced skiers but also beginners.
Its slopes reach 2,630 meters above sea level with a total ascent of 1,130 meters. At the foot of the slopes, the Bénasque mountain village will charm you with its pedestrian streets and its apparent stone facades.

What are your assets to attract French people? 

Above all, we must say that French skiers represent approximately 10% of our customers and it is our main nearby market.
We make a lot of efforts to attract skiers from the other side of the Pyrenees because it is an important clientele and with a good mountain culture.

First of all, ski resorts of Aramón group offer an easy access from France, directly via the Col of Pourtalet.
When the mountain pass presents difficulties ( for snowy road closure ), it is also possible to access to Formigal / Panticosa ski resort via the Col du Somport.
It’s possible to access to Cerler from France, by the Bielsa tunnel or the Tunnel of Vielha.

Many parking are proposed to facilitate access to the slopes.

Many people come from the triangle Bordeaux-Toulouse-Bayonne for a day or a short break. We also receive customers for a week, from Marseille, Lyon or even Paris.
Our ski resorts are receiving every year more French groups who are discovering for the first time our ski resorts and come back the following season, charmed by our accommodation and catering facilities.

We offer something very different in Aramon. The Pyrenees are a destination themsleves, and the Spanish side has a lot of services that attract French customers: the typical villages of Spain, the large ski areas, the modern facilities, the après ski, the gastronomy …, a lifestyle where you can combine skiing, tapas and partying.

Our Spanish “Folie Douce”, called the Marchica counts each year more Frenchies who come for the mood and the Spanish ‘fiesta’ expertise.
Our team speaks French to better meet the expectations of the French clientele.

French customers are often surprised by the quality of our accommodation and the related services: for example, cleaning, and linen are systematically included in such rentals. 

On the slopes, the diversity surprises the most: tracks for all levels, areas dedicated for snowboarders, for skiers, ultramodern lifts and terraces to eat or have a break.
For example, it is possible to take a break Champagne + Tapas on the terrace, to eat a delicious pizza cooked in a wood fire, or enjoy an “Asado” of altitude…
The management and the full consolidation of the services are a must be for the visitor in seeking fun and relaxing holidays.

The school-holidays periods are different between France and Spain, and it is always very appreciated not to have to queue to take the lift. This is especially true during February holidays that do not correspond to periods of high season on the other side of the Pyrenees.

For all these reasons, ski resorts of Aramon Group attract more French skiers every year who cross the Pyrenees to live a different and unique experience.

Aramon in numbers :

  • More than 1 million visitors during the season 2014-2015
  • 800 jobs during the winter
  • 283 kilometers of slopes
  • 240 slopes for all levels and adapted for everyone
  • 77 chairlifts with a total output of 100,000 skiers / hour
  • 1237 snow cannons
  • 115 km of artificial snow