Val Thorens decided to postpone its opening for the winter season. It was initially planned on November, 21st, next weekend, but delaying it was a tough but sensible decision. The slopes of this iconic resort will only open on Saturday, November 28th and perfect weather conditions are expected.

Why did they have to delay the opening?

-The first snowfall arrived very early this year, in late September with more than 50 centimeters of snow. But the temperatures remained above 0 for the last three weeks, the resort is waiting for better weather conditions.
-This exceptional situation will end next weekend, a storm cycle is forecast for next weekend and heavy snowfalls are expected in the resort this Friday.

Due to these extraordinary circumstances, entertainment cannot be organized and the shows planned by the resort have been canceled. When facing such weather conditions, the roads cannot be cleared and visitors cannot arrive at the resort. Moreover, the team needs four days to prepare and secure the domain even if hiring more staff.

“We are sorry if we disappointed our visitors but a delay of one week is necessary because we want the opening to fulfill their expectations.”

During the weekend of November 28th-29th we will host the Rock On Snowboard Tour and the Freegun Snowscoot Tour for the opening of the winter season. Skiers and snowboarders will slide down the slope for the first time of the year and test for free the brand new ski equipment and participate to the many activities. The ski pass and accommodation booked for the opening will be reimbursed or postponed for the following weekend, November 28th.