Before going on vacation to the snow with your with babies, you should take into consideration several details to avoid surprises that ruin your long-awaited family ski trip.

First of all, it is not advisable to go to ski resorts that are more than 1,200 meters high with babies. But in any case, the maxim: common sense. If the baby was born and lives at an altitude of 3,399 meters in Cuzco (Peru), the altitude factor will not be so relevant. However, if you live by the sea, you should pay attention to certain tips you will find below.

In any case, consult your pediatrician before starting the adventure of going skiing with your baby. Unless the doctor tells us otherwise, we should not worry if we take the pertinent precautions.

Going on vacation to the snow with babies is a wonder and a magical moment for the whole family. Just pay attention to these basic tips and enjoy the snow.

Vacation with babies in the snow: the problems of altitude and cold

Atmospheric pressure changes forces your baby’s body to adapt to the new situation. Many skiers spend the night with their babies at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters and in the vast majority of cases there is no problem, but it is not recommended. The main reason is altitude sickness, which can cause your baby to have a headache, dizziness, general fatigue, difficulty sleeping and stress.

Therefore, if you are one of those families who cannot do without skiing during the winter, it will be advisable to make small stops at one side of the road during the ascent.

As you know, you cannot stop anywhere, look for a service road, detour or double-lane areas to stop in a risk-free area. If there is snow on the road, it is better to continue to a snow-free area. Is it not possible to stop? It will be enough to make a slow ascent, so that our baby’s body can adapt progressively to the altitude.

If the ascent is progressive and we allow time for the child’s body to adapt, we will reduce the probability that he will have discomfort. Another good idea will be to make him drink in a staggered way during the ascent of the mountain pass.

You know that when we swallow or yawn, the eustachian tube opens and allows air to flow to both sides of the middle ear. If you are very far-sighted, delay the feeding until just before starting the port and gradually give the bottle during the ascent.

This helps to equalize the pressure on both sides of the eardrum and works by drinking water as well. If they use a pacifier, it is a good idea to have it in their mouth during the ascent, since it keeps their mouth slightly open and they swallow saliva. In summary, the factors that can affect the well-being of the little one in the house will be the difference in altitude, the speed of ascent, the baby’s own genetics and the natural compensation of the eardrum through the act of swallowing.

Hydration during the climb of the port

Think that the higher the height of the earth’s surface compared to sea level, the lower the air pressure. In this article, you will find extended information on the effects of altitude, altitude sickness and details on atmospheric pressure. The change in pressure on the ears can cause barotrauma, especially if child suffers from an infection in the respiratory tract (rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis …).

For an adult, managing the pressure change is simple, by swallowing saliva or liquid, the Eustachian tube opens, regulating internal pressure with external pressure automatically. However, we will have to pay special care at this point if we travel to the mountains and climb a large slope with a baby. With the car there is usually no problem, with the cable cars you have to pay much more attention since they clear a relevant altitude difference in a few minutes.

Cold and low temperatures are not the best friends of babies

We will have to provide enough warm and insulating clothing for the baby, since the temperature in the mountains can drop quickly. Above all, we will have to pay special attention to children under 1 year of age, who can easily enter hypothermia if we not keep an eye on them.

Hands, face and lips of the smallest of the house are extremely delicate. We will have to think about always having sunscreen for children and sunglasses that protect from ultraviolet rays that are more intense at altitude.

Finally, the ears, always well covered, preferably with a hat and think about a good pair of mittens. They are very useful: warm and easy to remove and put on.

Going on vacation to the snow with babies

Plan the outings with your baby to the outside in the warmest hours of the day, between 11 am and 3 pm, usually the temperatures are higher and the experience will be more pleasant. Protecting the babies’ eyes will not be an easy task since it bothers them and they constantly try to remove the glasses from their faces. We suggest you to use  typical rubber bands that can be fixed on the temples and purchase those glasses preventing the passage of light on the sides.

When it comes time to ski, we must be aware that we will have to adapt our rhythm to the rhythm of the little one. Respecting their meal times and naps will make it really impossible to enjoy long days of skiing as we did before unless we make use of the ski resort’s nursery. Enjoy sledding, making dolls, walking and playing in the snow as a family, not everything is skiing!

Simplify your holidays with babies in the snow

It will be advisable to have the accommodation as close to the foot of the slope, it will facilitate that the couple can take turns taking care of the baby and skiing. In this case, a very extensive ski area will not be necessary, since we will not have much time to make great excursions along its slopes, unless our partner does not ski and take care of the baby during the day.

When it comes to getting around the station, a sled will be very useful as well as a large wheeled cart. Try to carry more change of clothes than usual, it is always helpful if a surprise comes at the most unexpected moment.

Going on vacation to the snow with babies

A very useful option could be to use the nursery option can be useful for families who ski both parents. But it will be convenient that you request information, reservations and prices beforehand. Since some stations do not offer babysitting service, they have few places, the time slots are limited or it is necessary to reserve in advance.

Try to make the first holidays in the snow with babies satisfactory for all parties: baby, mom and dad. Better little time and enjoy, than prolonging the moment in the snow and having a bad memory. Skiing as a family is a unique experience and extra motivation when the cold winter arrives.

We hope these tips have been useful to you. Enjoy the snow as a family!

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