Any time is a good time to go on a short getaway to the snow with your partner. However, choosing the right destination can become a bit more complicated if we do not take into account all the factors that come into play when traveling. Therefore, today we bring you our recommendations of the best French ski resorts to go as a couple.

In addition, we also leave you a list of things to take into account so that you do not forget anything, letting you both enjoy the well-deserved trip.

A couple’s getaway in the best French ski resorts … There is no better plan! 

The first thing: choosing the best destination for a couple’s getaway


The first choice to make to start your perfect couple’s trip should be to choose the destination. As a recommendation, it is preferable to try to choose a resort where they have suitable properties and residences … In almost all ski resorts there are beautiful chalets that are very well connected. The main thing will be, if the budget allows it, to avoid large buildings and tourist residences for young people. Without a doubt, noise can easily spoil your vacation.

Ski Stations near charming towns


The stations that have beautiful towns with well positioned amenities are great places to travel to the snow as a couple.

For example, in the Pyrenees you can find Saint-Lary or Châtel, Bonneval sur Arc in the Alps. Generally speaking, these resorts retain a lot of charm, traditional atmosphere and a lot of authenticity. Many other ski resorts have unfortunately lost a lot of these characteristics due great developments and real estate projects that have been carried out without regard for the visual impact those concrete giants have on a white mountain landscape in winter.

Saint Lary, a charming French town

Next, the skiable domain will be one of the characteristics that can most influence the success or failure of the trip to the snow. Try to choose a ski resort that allows access to the entire ski area with mechanical lifts, regardless of your technical level. Not being able to discover the entire domain because the main mechanical lift only has access to red slopes can mean that if our partner isn’t confident, you will both have to stay in the lower part of the ski resort during the whole vacation.

The La Pierre Saint Martin resort in the Atlantic Pyrenees offers “pleasure” skiing, mainly thanks to the beautiful chalets it offers at its resort. This includes huge blue runs that run through the entire ski area and offers spectacular views of the valley from its track Boulevard des Pyrénées.

Throughout its 4.5 km, it offers breathtaking panoramas with incredible views of the Atlantic Pyrenean mountain range. It is able to enjoy both the French and Spanish landscape given its proximity to the border: Pic d’Anie, the Piémont and the Atlantic Ocean are at your feet.

French station La Pierre Saint-Martin. Incredible views for a wonderful couple’s getaway

Gastronomic offering: very important


When we go skiing, it is essential to choose ski resorts with good slopes, good lifts and lots of snow. But if we add to this a good food, we can pleasantly surprise our partner. Numerous haute cuisine chefs have settled in the heart of the French Alps to delight skier customers with high-level cuisine.

The Chalet de la Marine, on the Val Thorens slopes, proposes a menu of delectable desserts that will have you licking your lips. There is an extensive menu of local specialties and exquisite tastings of dishes that are turned into authentic works. Good enough to brighten up your ski day.

Chalet de la Marine, a charming restaurant for a very romantic couple’s getaway. © Chalet Marine

If we also want to add a touch of adventure, we can access our “private restaurant” at an altitude of 2,500 meters on a snowmobile. One of those places where romance arises alone, being able to see the stars at night with the sky so close to our heads that it seems that you can touch the stars. Without a doubt, you will surprise your partner with a special trip like that.

The Montgenèvre resort belongs to the extensive ski area of ​​the Via Lattea (Voie Lactée), which bordering Italy (and the famous Sestrière station, Turin 2006 Olympic ski resort). It has an exceptional and very sunny ski area thanks to its fortunate exposure during all solar hours and piste tracks adapted to all technical levels. A good option is to cross the border, go to Italy where the prices on the slopes are cheaper than in France and enjoy a typical Italian dish with polenta.

Typical Italian dish made with polenta yellow

A typical product of northern Italy that we can taste in three versions: Gialla polenta (yellow), made with yellow corn flour; the Bianca polenta, made with chestnut flour; and finally, the dark polenta, made with Buckwheat.


Include additional activities in your romantic getaway


Unless you are truly passionate about skiing, the best thing to do is choose a destination that has multiple activities to complement alpine skiing. Snowshoeing, sled dogs or even why not, an evening walk in a “Ratrack” or snowshoeing, as proposed by the magnificent Peyragudes ski resort in the French Pyrenees, just on the other side of the Bielsa-Aragnouet Tunnel. There are many options to enjoy the snow as a couple!

Alpine skiing as a couple in the best French resorts

Is there a spa or health resort?


The availability of a thermal spring or Spa centre can be an important matter when choosing the destination where to spend our holidays. Nothing like a little moment to rest and regain strength immersed in the warm waters of an idyllic place that invites you to disconnect and relax as a couple.

Since the getaway is for a couple, it is better to avoid spas with a large influx of people, where little ones can be found. If we really want to relax, choosing a spa with an area reserved for adults is a great option.

In fact, here we have a post about the wonderful wellness centers that Peyragudes ski area offers. It will leave you very pleasantly surprised!

Spassio by Balnéa and Valnéa, Peyragudes’ novelties for this season!

Numerous ski resorts on both sides of the Pyrenees have taken measures to be able to offer a quality service to clients who want to enjoy their holidays and take a dip during their stay. Many places already have heated pools, hammam, sauna, bubble beds, massages, hot stones, chocolate baths …

If the ski resort does not have a spa, you can opt for accommodation that has an integrated spa.


Hotel choice for a ten out of ten getaway


The choice of the hotel is obviously very relevant. So that the lovers’ trip goes as you have planned: not needing to bring towels, or sheets, or have to clean the apartment or room before leaving so as not to lose the deposit … It can sometimes be an extra that you have to take on board in your travel budget but, without a doubt, will allow you to enjoy your trip to the snow as a couple without any uncomfortable surprises.


Travel as a couple and enjoy the snow!