The season was launched on October 18th in the United States. It is a really tight competition between ski resorts that takes place every year… It is a real race taking place every year between the ski resorts of Loveland, Araphoe Basin and Sunday River. Which resort will open first? The “war” between American ski resorts has begun…
This year, the famous resort of Killington with its six peaks is proud to be the first North American resort to open. But the position is disputed by other resorts, having themselves opened some bowls. Sunday River Resort announced it will open very soon, its cannons having started a massive snow production.
Perhaps the second resort to open for the 2015-2016 season… Only one slope is opened today in Killington and snow cannons have been producing snow massively to produce sufficient cover to open the station at the beginning of the week.
The temperatures, low enough were perfect to start snowmaking. The weather conditions may be adverse for a few days but they should be improving by the end of the week.
And the Snowpark is now open, an opportunity for Freestylers (to features are already available)!
The cable car K – 1 Express and the chairlift Northridge started spinning for the first skiers on the slopes this season last Sunday when the resort opened.
What about Killington, Vermont? A large resort in Eastern United States with 6 peaks, the highest one being Killington Peaks, 1,293 meters high. It totals 155 trails and 22 ski lifts, one of the largest resorts of the region with boundless outdoor activities, endless bowls and several Terrain Parks.
And Killington Resort will be holding the next Alpine Skiing World Cup – Ladies’ Slalom 2016-2017, the first event of this size in Killington since winter 1991. The World Cup is back on the East Coast of the United States!