A unique opportunity to come together for a cause and to slide on snow for 24 hours straight (team relay from Saturday at 14.00 to Sunday at 14.00, non stop).

From start to finish the event will beat to the rhythm of a dozen concerts on the Glisse en Coeur’s center stage, at the foot of “Les Gettiers” run, in Le Grand Bornand Chinaillon.

Glisse en Coeur also attracts high profile media and sports celebrities, who come to the event to provide their enthusiastic support. Present the entire weekend, some even put on skis and slide for this good cause!

Glisse en Coeur by the numbers:

– 24 hours of non stop skiing
– 27,460 km skied in 24 hours
– 13,730 chairlift rides
– 138 teams
– 300 people on the organizing committee, 240 were volunteers
– 1/2 hour of sleep per person
– 2000 liters of coffee consumed by the teams and the organizers
– 2400 meals served in the official event tent
– 4500 meters of safety nets placed alongside the ski run
– 10 concerts on Glisse en Coeur’s center stage over the course of the weekend
– Hundreds of hours of grooming to prepare the run for the event