Located in the heart of the Andes Mountains, less than an hour from Santiago and with a total area of ​​32,500 square meters, La Parva Snowpark inaugurates its winter season.

Today we want to tell you about this incredible snowpark. It is an exclusive winter complex located at 3,500 meters, and equipped with the characteristics of a snow town in the middle of the mountain. It is 750 meters long divided into two lines: one for beginners and intermediate users, 335 meters long. The second for advanced and experts users measures 411 meters in length.

In addition, it has different jumps and obstacles designed both for those who are new to Freestyle and for the most expert in this discipline.

Snowpark La Parva. Via Pinterest.
Image: Snowpark La Parva. Via Pinterest.

In summer, the La Parva Ski Center offers the most daring bikers the possibility of training in one of the highest bike parks in the world, with a degree of difficulty classified as advanced / expert. It also has a chairlift (the Las Águilas chairlift), which allows access to the group of peaks El Plomo for trekking.

New Olympic Sport: Freestyle

However, the novelty for the 2017 season was the inauguration of this snowpark, which aims to position itself as one of the best in Latin America. Ideal for those athletes (professionals or amateurs) who want to learn or improve the sport safely.

The center has teachers who give private and group classes, and there are also classes for people with special needs.

The responsibility for the design and construction of the La Parva Snowpark was given to a trained team with great experience in the field.  Throughout the summer they worked on landscaping, cleaning and construction of modules, while waiting impatiently for the first snowfalls of the season.

Image: La Parva piste map.
Image: La Parva piste map.

With this new park they hope to attract young and old to this new Olympic sport that is Freestyle.