Since COVID-19 appeared in our lives in March of this year (approximately), we have all asked ourselves many questions: How will the ski industry adapt to the sanitary measures required by COVID-19? What will the ski protocols be like in the ski resorts? Will it be possible to travel abroad? Will I be able to go skiing with my friends?. However, something that worries us all is the mask’s use and all the doubts that it brings with it (How often do I have to change the filter? What material is it made of? Do I have to wear an specific sport mask for skiing? Does it protect me while doing sports? Etc.).

The ski season is just around the corner and all the ski resorts are creating their own protocols against COVID-19, such as the Certusa Sierra Nevada ski resort. The good news for all skiers who are looking forward to touch the snow is that, according to France Montagnes (the French association that brings together the main sectors of French mountain tourism), the practice of snow sports will be saved as they are individual outdoors sports where social distance is fairly guaranteed.

In Spain, ATUDEM (Asociación Turística de Estaciones de Esquí de Montaña), had created a guide (we leave it here for you) after analyzing the special circumstances that COVID-19. ATUDEM has assured that “the ski and snowboard industry values ​​and prioritizes the health and safety of customers, staff and the local community”.

Its obligatory nature is differently ruled by each country and each ski resort. We already know that its use is mandatory, both inside and outside the ski resorts. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) will develop an international code for the protection of tourists and will promote coordination between countries to establish standards giving travelers some certainty.

Masks are here to stay

It is clear that masks have come to stay and that they have established themselves as the true star accessory of 2020. In this socio-sanitary context, it is not surprising that clothing and accessory brands have gotten down to business to market their own masks.

Not everything is bad news. At first, having to wear a sport mask while doing sports which makes it difficult to us to breathe is more uncomfortable, we can look at the bright side of the situation: wearing a approved sport mask while skiing will protect us from the virus (which is the most important thing) and the biting cold of the mountain. In addition, if it is approved and adapted for sport, it will be somewhat more comfortable for us to put on with a case or a ski hat, and will allow us to respect safety protocols (both in the queues for the ski lifts and in the actual ski lifts).

mujer pista nieve covid

Best sport masks for skiing

This is why, today we have compiled a list of sport masks with which we can go skiing safely and comfortably, as well as how to turn them into another piece of our ski clothing.


Our big favorite is this one from BUFF. The brand has launched a range of masks (BUFF Filter Tube and BUFF Filter Mask) that have been designed to provide comfort throughout the day and act as a barrier against the spread of COVID-19. They are reusable and made up of 95% plastic from recycled bottles.

In particular, we love their BUFF Filter Tube model, a mask with a protective neck strap. This mask integrates three-layer filters, obtaining a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98% and maximum breathability for a filter mask. Designed for active all-day wear, BUFF has redesigned the fit, function, and needs of its original neck warmers.

buff mask
Image: BUFF Filter Tube.

Under Armor Sportsmask

It is a reusable and waterproof performance sport mask specifically designed for maximum breathability. It is made with a three-layer system: the first, designed for a better air flow; the second, which prevents humidity and sweat; and the third, which has an antimicrobial formula to prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, its moldable nose bridge allows a more secure fit.


Adidas sport masks are created from Primegreen, a soft and breathable high performance recycled fabric, polyester and elastane. This product is not certified as protective equipment but being washable, it is reusable.

mascarilla adidas


This sport mask created by ASICS has a quick-drying material that helps make the air that reaches into the interior of the mask cooler. It is specifically designed for runners and its breathability and comfort are a given.

mascarilla asics

El Corte Inglés UYN

UYN sport masks are made with a three-dimensional fabric technology which makes it breathable. They also incorporate Texlyte Nano, which makes them dry very quickly.

mascarilla ECI

Lurbel Faz (Lurbel)

Lurbel Faz is a technical sportswear brand which has developed its own line of masks as part of a line of sanitary products that was launched in 2015.

Their sport masks are made of the patented Regenactiv technology, which prevents moisture, does not irritate the skin, and allows it to be washed and sterilized. The Lurbel Faz mask does not incorporate an internal filter but its composition prevents the spread of covid-19 since it has a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 95%.

amigos esquiando montaña

Once we are clear about which sport mask we are going to choose for our next skiing or snow sport sessions, we have to worry (even a little) about styling it with which we will wear it. If it has to be worn, at least we will make it fashionable! Black is always a success, both for a complete look and a specific accessory. Choose your black mask: it will not disappoint you. However, you can always choose masks with mischievous designs that are more appropriate for your personality. On the street, we can see them of all kinds: from flowers to stripes via the prints with Disney characters or skulls.

Some last recommendations

Remember that it is very important to wash your sport mask at 60º after the day of skiing or the snow sports activity you did, and to change the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions or change the mask when its useful life ends.

BUFF has created a video in which they explain how to change the filter on our mask easily. We post it here for you to check!

We also advise you bring spare masks. It is an accessory that we are not used to yet. We may lose it or let it fall to the ground (unintentionally), which means we will to change it. It is also good to take a spare mask for when you enter a cafeteria or any other closed place, since humidity can make the mask feel a bit damp and really uncomfortable.

Our last recommendation is that you take a special sanitary bag or box to be able to keep it clean when you take it off. It is very important to avoid contact (especially inside) with external agents that can contaminate it and, therefore, infect us.

We did not want to stop telling you in this post the importance of caring for the environment. For this reason, we strongly ask that you take care of your sports masks and that, once their useful life is over, you put them in garbage cans or bins, but never throw them on the ground. If there were no bins nearby, it would be best to keep it with us and throw it away when we get home. Caring for our planet and the snow slopes is everyone’s responsibility and we cannot neglect this issue.