It does not matter if you are a professional skier or if this year you will have your first contact with the snow, in both cases there is something that must be taken into account: the clothes you choose to go skiing should be suitable for this sport. Take advantage of the Oysho sales and get ready for the snow.

It is very important that the clothes that you are going to wear are waterproof, breathable, comfortable and capable of keeping your body heat, among other features. Oysho knows perfectly which are the needs of the skiers, and they show it with their Oysho ski collection.

Ski jackets

You can find a wide variety of jackets and all of them with a high level of breathability and water resistance.

The waterblock jacket from SKI has a breathable fabric that lets air and moisture pass smoothly, so you will always be dry and comfortable while skiing. In addition, it has an outer coating that repeals water. Also, thanks to its heat-sealed seams and waterproof fastener, we can assure you that you will end the day completely dry. Take advantage of the Oysho sale in your ski collection and get this jacket for 69.99€.

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Another example of a jacket that you can find in the Oysho sales is this purple ski jacket that has PrimaLoft padding, an ideal material for snow sports since it keeps you warm and at the same times gives you great mobility. This design is made with a coating with which the water slides through the jacket and, therefore, the jacket does not to absorb it. The price of this jacket is 29.99€.

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Once we have chosen our jacket, we cannot forget another basic garment, the trousers. If you are looking for affordable and high-quality pants, this year you can find the perfect one’s for you at the Oysho ski discounts.

This white SKI pant that, once reduced its price is 39.99 €, is a bajowide flare pants with strengthen hem with a waterproof lining. This way you will be able to prevent snow from getting in the trouser and, in addition, will improve the grip of the boots. The garment is designed with an inner membrane that allows the air to get in and the expulsion of moisture and has also an outer coating that will easily repel water.

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If you are looking for a model with braces, do not worry. Oysho has the perfected creation of this pants with braces from its SKI collection. The suspenders of this model are adjustable, and you can remove them when you do not need them. The inner fabric of this garment is permeable, so it prevents the accumulation of sweat and moisture. But also, thanks to its special coating, it is completely waterproof on the outside. With these pants, we assure you that you will be warm throughout the day. They have a polar inner layer with which your body will be able to regulate the temperature easily. The final price of these pants after the discount is 49.99€

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Inner and thermal clothes

After spending hours on the slopes our body is exposed to very low temperatures. Therefore, it is very important to have the help of thermal garments to keep your body heat even as much as possible.

If you are looking for a quality t-shirt, at Oysho you can find the Meryl Nexten SKI t-shirt for 22.99 €. This model is a long sleeve thermal shirt, ideal to be your first layer. It is manufactured with Meryl Nexten which is an ultralight fibre with which you will have great mobility, in addition to providing heat to your body.

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To keep your legs warm, there is nothing better than these Comfort Warm Leggings. These pants have a warm texture inside so it will be much easier to keep your body temperature stable. Its fabric is breathable, so it lets air and moisture pass, keeping your body dry and comfortable. The price of this product is 29.99€.


And last but not least, you should not forget your feet as it is one of the areas where we lost most of our temperature. In the Oysho discounts, we find wool socks. Wool is a great material to let pass moisture, so your feet will stay warm and dry at the same time. On the other hand, this design is designed to fit perfectly with the foot and has padded areas on the sole, heel, toe and shin, this way your foot will be comfortable inside the ski boots. You can have this piece of clothes for only 3.99€.

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