As you already know skiers, a trip to the snow requires a lot of planning since, among other things, you must decide where you are going to stay, you need to have the ski passes prepared, plan the journey, the meals and, of course, prepare a luggage with all the essentials. In this post, you will discover the 12 things that cannot be missing in your suitcase when you go skiing.

Ski clothing

If there is something that is important, and you cannot forget to pack your luggage is the ski clothing. You can choose to enjoy the snow a jumpsuit or two pieces that are waterproof, comfortable and that fits your body without problems.

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Thermal clothing is an essential

Forget about putting thousands of sweaters in your suitcase so you don’t get cold. If you decide to use thermal clothing, you will save a lot of space. In addition, they are more effective garments when it comes to maintaining our body temperature and they dry quickly.

Keep in mind that this is going to be the clothes that are in constant contact with your skin, so we advise you to take a few thermal shirts with you if you don’t want to have to wash your clothes during your ski trip. And remember! Avoid cotton garments as this material dries very slowly and you will have a constant sensation of being wet.

Ski t shirt
Image: thermal T-shirt


Your feet will be eternally grateful if you put on your suitcase some good socks. It is almost inevitable that this part of the body ends up a little wet after a day skiing, so it is recommended that you always have a spare pair on hand for whatever happens.

With the socks you will have your feet warm, but you will also make them more comfortable inside the ski boots, which we think is somethings that you will appreciate since the boots are hard and inflexible.

ski socks

Ski goggles, straight to the suitcase

For us, skiers, ski goggles are a necessary thing when we go to the snow. With them you will be protecting your eyes from UVA rays and preventing the wind from getting in your eyes while going down the slopes.

If you want, you can also use sunglasses, but those are better for apreski on the hottest and sunniest days.

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Gloves, a must for skiing

When it is cold the parts that are most affected by the low temperatures are the extremities like the fingers. The best thing to avoid freezing is to use good gloves that will keep your hands at an ideal temperature.

Regardless of whether you are going to be skiing or snowboarding, it is best to choose gloves that resist the wind and waterproof.


Neck warmer or scarf

The best thing when we are skiing is to try to avoid that any part of our body is exposed to the cold more than necessary. Protecting the neck will prevent the freezing currents from entering your body and you will not avoid the cold.

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Safety is the most important thing when we do any kind of sport. Therefore, we recommend you to wear a helmet, regardless of whether you are learning or you are already a professional. It can be your biggest ally in case of suffering any falls while skiing. Put the helmet in the suitcase and don’t forget to put it on when you go skiing.

There are many types of helmets to choose from. Choose the one with which you feel most comfortable fits you the best. Remember, safety is very important, so we advise you to invest in a good helmet.

helmet in the ski suitcase
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While you are having fun in the slopes, the most important thing is definitely to use a helmet, but if you want to get some extra heat, the solution is to use hats that fit smoothly under your helmet.

However, for the apreski you can wear other types of hats that are trending. There are many varieties that you can use, but we recommend that you choose one that protects your ears and is windproof.

Apreski boots

Once you are off the slopes, you will need apreski boots that your feet will appreciate. Do not forget to put them in your suitcase when you go skiing. We recommend choosing waterproof boots so you can walk through the snow without getting your feet frozen.

skiing boots

Books and e-books, indispensable

The weather forecast are not always the best to enjoy the ski slopes. For this reason, it is advisable to take something with you that gets you entertained during those hours or days. A good book or an e-book, may be your best partner to avoid getting bored and reading you can continue having adventures, even from the heat of your lodge.

What cannot be missing in your vanity case?

Wearing the perfect clothes is important, but you can’t forget about your vanity case. If you do not have much space, we recommend that you only include the essentials and the most important things such as: ​​sunscreens, hand creams to recover from the cold and Vaseline to protect your lips.

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Clothes for special moments

To triumph in the apreski moments, you cannot forget to put in your luggage fancy clothes. It does not hurt to have this type of clothing since in the surroundings of the ski resorts you can find renowned restaurants where you can wear most elegant outfits.


So up to now, you know the 12 essentials that you cannot forget to put in your suitcase when you go skiing.