Christmas is right here and with it comes the meetings with family and friends, the feasts, the gifts of the secret Santa, Santa Claus, the three wise men. If you do not know what to buy this Christmas s you can give something to your sister, girlfriend, mother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law or skier friend, this post will help you to clarify your doubts. We have 7 gift ideas to give to a skier or snowboarder at Christmas.

Gift ideas

  1. The first gift idea you can give to a skier is a board maintenance kit. It is a basic and very useful gift for snow sports enthusiasts. The XCMAN Complete board waxing kit, both ski and snowboard, includes 15 pieces of waxing and polishing of ski and snowboard with wax, iron wax, ski bezel, 4 PTEX pieces, sandpaper to polish the edge, metal scraper, Fibertax pad, among many other accessories.

kit nieve

You can also find other similar board maintenance kits in stores such as Decathlon.

  1. The second ideas would be a skiback. It is a system to transport both skis or snowboards as a backpack, but without carrying a backpack. It is very simple to assemble. In addition, its small so it also allows it to be stored in a pocket when you go to slide down the slopes. So, due to its practicality and the affordable price it has (about € 20), it makes it an ideal gift for a snow sports lover.
Image: Skiback
  1. Another good idea to give to a skier would be a pack of creams. With cold, the skin and lips dry out excessively. So moisturizing products would be a very practical gift. You can give her a refreshing hand cream or some lip balm since these two zones, next to the face, are the ones that dry out the most because they are the ones more exposed to.
  2. Fourth, a boot dryer. It is a device capable of keeping footwear warm. It is very practical and simple to use. You just have to place the device inside the boots and there the forced air cooling and heat will dry the lining in order to eliminate dampness, unwanted odours and the accumulation of bacteria.
regalo secador de botas
Image: boot dryer
  1. Fifth, the latest technology gloves, Beartek gloves. They have Bluetooth, which allows you to control devices such as mobile phone, video cameras, music, etc. No need to take your hand off the glove to answer a call or change the song. Its price is around € 250.
  2. Sixth, some custom ski socks. You can buy some normal ski socks like the ones shown in the image below. Once purchased you just have to take them to a print shop and ask them to engrave on one side, for example, the initials of the person to whom you are going to give it. There are thousands of combinations. It is a very original, personalized, affordable and useful gift.
Imagen: calcetines de esquí sin personalizar
  1. In seventh place, the ski mask and bandanas of the Teya Salat brand stand out. They are hilarious and original ski masks and bandanas with different prints. There are lions, tigers, panthers, dogs, cats … It is a brand created by a young Russian artist and is a style that you will see a lot on the ski slopes. Its price ranges between € 30 and € 45.
Image: Panther ski mask
  1. Finally, another gift idea for a skier if she likes to record her descents on the slopes is a sports camera. We all know the famous GoPro, but if you are looking for something more affordable, the AKASO SY0004 is an action camera with a very good quality.

Which of these 8 ideas would you choose? Now you have no excuse for not giving anything to your nearest favourite skier this Christmas.