This Sunday the responsables of the station of Val Louron were happy: parking,tickets, mechanical lifts, full terrace. A lot of visitants came to take advantage of the good conditions of snow station. With a domain ski totally open for the first time this season the skiers could go down in the track from 21oo until 1450 meters of altitude. Bernard ABELARD director of the station of Val Louron  from 15 years tells us: The 80% of the volume of business of the station is realized during the 6 weeks of school vacations( 2 weeks in christmas and 4 weeks in February and March) The 20% that’s left  is realized in the rest of the season) We are happy to see that this proportion change the periods benefits outside of scholar vacation. It prevents us from having a dependency so big with the periods of school and it allows us an excursionist clientele.

The results of this weekend show

The results of this weekend show that the product of ski of  Val Louron corresponds to true expectations and when the snow conditions are good and when the snow conditions are good the skiers come more to the station: Is a station of medium size with moderate tracks but not a lot. A beginners zone created and imagined to thought, tracks of sleds for families. The price of the forfait represents also an important argument when it comes to choosing a ski stations: for Val Louron  the price of the forfait for the day for an adult is 27,50 €. The station offers an accessible ski for everyone, with an average price of 17,08€  this weekend many visitants are sensible to the prices, they could take advantage of the cheapest way of ski.

Is one of the best weekends of the season for the station of Val Louron, with a volume of business of more than   60.000 €  and 3634 days of ski. In comparison the volume of business realize during a weekend of school vacations is around 110.000€. Many forfaits were sold (595 days of half a day ski and 1619 days of full day ski) but equally 2 days of forfait( equal to 846 days of ski) thanks to the good rate of the occupation of the places of the station (574 days of the ski of the week) This numbers contribute to the well function of the station especially when we know that one night of preparation of the snow cost  3000 €.

The difference between the debit of mechanical lifts and reception capacity of the tracks

Today, we can regret  the difference between the debit of mechanical lifts and reception capacity of the tracks. There was a tail this weekend in the 3 seater chairlift Myrtilles while skiable saturation is not reached  increasing the interest of a fast and modern lift to the top of the station that is displayed . This project has existed for many years but is slow.  Would reduce the environmental impact (removing much older lifts ) for better comfort for the skiers.

With 15 cm of snow just fallen last Sunday night until monday, the clientele could take advantage of the final season with really good conditions of snow ( the closeness of this station is expected Monday, March the 28)