The weather forecast for this weekend is very nice with bright sun on saturday and sunday. Thank you to the last snowfalls, the complete domain of Val d’Aran.
In fact, this week Baqueira Beret has open up to 145 km (of a total of 150 kms). In addition, the 34 chairlifts of the ski resort are already working.

The cross-country-skiing circuit as well as the boardercross are close; the efforts of all the team are focused on the snowpark so that it could be oepened this weekend.
Winter is coming this week with heavy snowfalls accumilating 20 cm of fresh snow on monday and 40 cm more on tuesday. This cold wave has brouht sunny days and extreme cold, until -15ºC, allowing the skiers to enjoy perfect skiing days.
At the moment, the domain of  Baqueira Beret has snow depth on the slopes between 90 and 175 cm.
This 20th February, the quattro Era Baishada will take place in en Beret with excellent snow conditions and a great weather forecast.
It’s the 3rd edition of the Open alpine skiing quattro Era Baishada, with Audi as a sponsor. The runners will have to cross a circuit with parallel areas, jumos, giants and skicross.
This test will be opened for all skiers, federated or not, from the categories bewteen Juvenils and Veterans and on the ski resort the sponsors will offered plenty of gifts.