French MGM Constructor, who specializes in construction of high range accommodation on mountains for more than 50 years, keeps climbing. 

This new accommodation, named as Crystal Jade, will be composed of 51 apartments, from 40 up to 110m2 and it will be located on the heart of Chamonix domain. 
Consisting of 3 chalets, this resort will include climatised indoor pool, Sauna, Hammam, bubble baths and wellness centre. It gives response to an increasing demand of the clients to “consume better”, respecting the environment. 
“MGM responds to the evolution of awareness for the environment and to a collective consciousness”. “We insist here about the cost of optimization of energetic resources, and optimal comfort on the suites” explains Jean-Stéphane Kreseski, Technical coordinator of programs in MGM Constructor. 
Which are the advantages of a program based on the RT 2012 (energy performance)? 
J-S. Kreseski : The main goal of the energetic standards RT 2012 is to respond to environmental concerns, to the heat loss as well as to the noise transmission. 
On the Crystal Jade residence, the rooms will be perfectly insulated, heated thank you to radiant floor connected to a direct hydraulic network. The heat is distributed over the rooms with a steady temperature of 21C. The owners love to walk barefoot on the apartment without having cold feet! 
Which are the technical requirements of a RT 2012 program, on the construction level? 
J-S. Kreseski : In addition to the energetic optimization, thank you to the heating system, we are working on the breaking thermal bridges with the exterior through a much better insulation of the facades, roofs and balconies. 
We demand the most precise methods in each step of the building project as well as taking into consideration the importance of keeping the building watertight. In order to treat the issue of the noise isolation, a key element for this norm RT 2012, we have opted for soundproof insulating glass units superiors to the standards of RT 2012. 
Which are the consequences for the residents? 
J-S. Kreseski : The consequences for the residents are extremely positives, since we improve comfort and we generate energetic savings. If we reach consumption levels similar to the standards of BBC (Low energy accommodation), the families will have their bill reduce from 2 up to 4 times! 
The size of the windows and the West-South-west facing of the Crystal Jade play a prominent role in relation with the solar heat, a natural heat source totally free. 
Choosing to double window’s size and improving the quality of the glazing not only follows the standards of RT 2012, but improves inevitably thermal comfort of Crystal Jade as well as enhances the well-being of our clients.