From Saturday, November 21st snow was falling everywhere thanks to the low temperatures and the snow produced optimized the number of chill hours.

The 2015-16 season opened on Tuesday, November 24th, making Masella the first station to open in all the Pyrenees. It was also the first to open in the Iberian Peninsula.
From the grand opening on November 24th, Masella has opened its facilities uninterruptedly, including all business until snow conditions permit, which is usually until late April or early May.

On Wednesday and Thursday, 25 and 26 November, it snowed moderately, especially at higher elevations and half of the season, snowfall helped improve the state of tracks. Since the opening of the season on November 24th, they have gradually opened more tracks and sectors.

So far, you can see what Masella offers today:

• Snow depths: 25-60 cm
• Quality: powder snow
• Open Sectors: Coma Oriola, Cap del Bosc Bosc d’Alp, La Pleta and Pla de Masella.
• 7 lifts (TSD. TGV, TSC. Coma Oriola, Tsd. Masella Jet, Ct. Pastors, Ct. Pastorets, TQ. Debutants Coma Oriola and TCD. Telecord).
• Open slopes: 16 tracks
• Vertical Drop: 550 m level, from Cap del Bosc (2,150 m) to the Pla de Masella (1600 m).
• Tracks to access: From the Pla de Masella and Coma Oriola
• Open km: 20 km to ski Based on these data, the station Masella starts the season with optimism.

Since this is an early opening, Masella ensures a season of more than five months of skiing, offering one of the longest seasons in the Pyrenees. Speaking from experience, the time in which it begins in November is good! During the last ten seasons, on eight previous occasions it has been opened during November.

The station continues to work to ensure the maximum number of slopes and lifts facing the bridge Purisima. They have passed through the station during the first week more than 5,400 skiers.

From Tuesday to Friday: 1.400 skiers
Saturday and Sunday: More than 4000 skiers