Luchon Superbagnères opens its ski doors from December 5th, 2015 (weather permitting) to April 3rd, 2016.

All the preparations are being made for the kick-off of this beautiful ski resort. For years, it stands out from its competition through its exponential and constant renewal.

Located 1 hour from the Spanish border, the ski area of Superbagnères Luchon is known for its strategic position in the Pyrenees.
Surrounded by peaks over 3000 meters, it is a 5 star locations for anyone who wants to enjoy the wonderful views of the Pyrenees.
From one of its peaks, you can enjoy the immeasurable views of Luchon Valley, Maladeta peak (3312m), located in Spanish territory and also the great Aneto (3404m), considered to be the roof of the Pyrenees.

It is a domain with very easy access, thanks to its cable car that provides access to the slopes in just 8 minutes.

The ski resort offers three sectors with varied slopes for all tastes and levels:

  • Gentle slopes, found in the ceiling sector. This area is considered a paradise for beginners.
  • The Lac sector (also known as the Lake sector) offers a magnificent resort environment filled with charm thanks to the deep forest of trees around.
  • Finally, the Céciré area is composed of large and long tracks, featuring some of the biggest continuous slopes in the Pyrenees.

For those who want to enjoy the après-ski, they have the option to drink in the restaurant bar in the flat area, a short walk from the station.
We recommend you enjoy some of the nightlife offered this season. It will open at nighttime on Wednesday nights to coincide with the French February holidays.
Between February 7th, 2016 and March 4th, 2016, you can extend your ski day because the opening hours will be extended until 18:00. This will allow you to stay on some tracks longer than usual time.
I advise you to enjoy the scenery of mountains over 3000 meters as the sun sets. It creates a magical setting that you will surely never forget.

Luchon Superbagnères ski resort renewed

This ski season, Luchon Superbagnères brings innovations from head to toe! A new 6-seater chairlift has been installed in the area of Céciré.
Faster and more comfortable, the skiers will be on the slopes much faster without wasting time going up.

Thanks to the “Céciré Express”, you are now able to ascend in a comfortable 6-min ride as opposed to the 25-minutes it took before. Now you’re able to enjoy For the more daring skiers, Luchon Superbagnères ski resort offers many original and fun activities to entertain and surprise its visitors. It is one of the few ski resorts in the Pyrenees that offers sky diving opportunities.

Allowing you to have a view of the station through open air, as if you flying like a bird. Thanks to the tandem paragliding flights offered by the station, we can enjoy the excellent views of the valleys surrounding this charming place.
In addition to this, if you are lacking exciting experiences, the resort offers you the opportunity to sleep in an igloo at night or go snowshoeing through places of mind-blowing beauty.

Luchon Superbagnères resort is willing to open its doors to the public on December 5th to begin the snow season. This resort will leave excellent memories to all visitors who pass through this renewed season that strives to surprise the French Spanish audience.