Between the sea and the mountain, this movie shares with us the beauty of the earth, the landscapes and the sport challenges that both champions face.

The movie premiere was Wednesday, November 3rd and will have various showings throughout the fall season. Taking advantage of this opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the film, we interviewed Mathieu Crépel. Crépel is a double champion of the snowboard world, who launched his career in La Mongie, at the Grand Tourmalet. He shared with us his experience in Alaska.

“Where did the idea to film this movie came to be?”

First of all, I have a family that allowed me to “navigate” between the ocean and the mountains. Three years ago, I met Damien Castera, who wanted to discover a new destination to surf. We decided to take a trip together because we shared the same interests in nature, and we were both passionate about our respective sports. Engaged in sports that can only take place in nature, we shared incredible experiences in the solitude landscapes in Alaska. We shared a deep respect for the atmosphere and we wanted to share it with the world.

“What is the message you want to deliver with this movie?

The idea is to demonstrate between that between the snow and a wave, there’s an entire journey to discover! Mountains, rivers, and at last, the sea, are all interdependent elements. Each, at its own level, preserves the beauty of the environment.

Most importantly, I must say that we are not necessarily trying to be spokespersons of environmental messages, as we are not scientists. Instead, we are supporters of nature. We had a series of meetings with prominent figures during our adventure, for example a gold digger, a community of Native Americans with extraordinary values… Our message is not alarmist, but quite the opposite. We want to be direct with the message and above all, have a positive influence on the environment.

What was the highlight of the filming set?

The filming lasted five weeks. We had plenty of luck with the weather, as it was favorable throughout the first part of our adventure. When we reached the shore, we had two weeks of rain and few waves, which caused a bit of a complication. From a sport- focused point of view, the highlight was the last day at the camp base. We ventured out in the morning with our snowboards on our backs and hiked up and down the glacier. I can assure you that that was an incredible experience and I hope you enjoy the images we captured, although the pictures cannot do it justice. Once we reached the river, we went up with a packraft, a small inflatable boat that we rode on to navigate on throughout the entire day. It was an intense day.

From a human-focused point of view, the memorable highlight was out encounter with Victoria, Noa’s grandmother who welcomed us at her home and prepared a delicious salmon that truly helped us refuel our energy. I clearly remember when we were in the kitchen conversing on a deep level. There was a strong connection in our conversation as she shared with us her culture that cannot be found in books and is simply shared by word of mouth.

What are your short term and long term plans?

I do not compete anymore, and I confess that it is something I do not miss anymore. I wish to continue communicating with the world the topic of water cycles, which is a great challenge to our world today. Water is a resource that diminishes day by day, and accessibility is a problem that worsens each day. I participated in the creation of “Del copo de nieve a la ola”, to raise environmental awareness among young crowds. Now we want to continue to expand on these topics of environmental sensibility and encourage the young to “dream” with the beauty that nature offers. Without a doubt, we found synergies with Odisea. We plan to continue with new adventures as a continuation to Odisea.

I will strive to discover new destinations that represent this environmental challenge for the planet: I look for a meaning in my journeys, taking a risk or taking the most beautiful photo interest me less and less each day. Instead, I want to return to the more simplistic things, the most nature-like, a way to return to the roots of nature. I have been given an incredible opportunity with this life I have to live. I owe a lot to my sponsors who have allowed me to communicate my profound and coherent messages and I will continue to chase opportunities to communicate my messages in this stage of life.

Odisea’s premiere was November 3rd via Ushuaua TV. What are the next showings?

The next showings via Ushuaia TV are schedules for Friday, Novermeber 20th and Sunday, Novemeber 22nd. For those who cannot access this channel, we are creating a web series composed of five 10 minute long episodes via Youtube, The first showing is schedules for Tuesday, Novemeber 17th. The movie will also be found on DVD with the magazine, Surf Sesión, in December 2015.

Photo : Odisea / Rabajac