From our very beginnings of, we refused to believe that we would dedicate our time creating a massive merchandaise line. We believed that our efforts would be in vain and with a minimal relation to I LOVE SKI. We strive to identify ourselves with quality, realibility and sophistication.

What could have possibly changed our minds?

We all give thanks to the ski resort, Saint Lary, for sparking our interest. The defining moment was the time when their merchandise store inquired if we provided t-shirts or sweatshirts with the “white heart”. We took it as an indication that the world appreciated our logo as much as the message we deliver! “

I invision that I LOVE SKI merchandise will be worn proudly by world wide skiers”, commented our commercial partner with shining eyes and an encouraging smile. “The message is clear, simple, and internationally understood. We love, we adore, to ski. I have met skiers that feel represented through your brand. A red design with a white heart directly correlates with a passionate love for a white mountain landscape.

Our faces lit up and we immediately felt a burning desire to pursue this opportunity to represent the love of skiers through our brand. His natural enthusiasm was contagious and it was then that opened our minds to take on this challenge to kick off our very own line of merchandise.

To better explain our intentions, we invision our merchandaise to be casual mountain and streetware. We see professional and casual skiers rocking our wear sliding down the mountains, instructing newbies how to ski, and casually wearing through the city in the mornings on the way to buy much needed morning coffee.

Skiers are proud of their sport, they are proud of the mountain of their passion and of the deep snow of winter. Skiers and riders will identify with your brand. Bon courage!” He ended assuming we would take it into consideration.

The truth is, these words were etched in our memory. Having spoken with friends and several professionnals sharing our passion for the snow, they did not reject the idea, quite the contrary “It seems to me that’s a great idea” said a famous rider from the Pyrennees while getting on the chairlift La Flamme in Peyragudes.

We take the challenge this winter kicking off our very own line of merchandise for mountain lovers, made with professional clothing designers in order to use reliable fabrics and printed graphics and work with reliable manufacturers.

We have released our clothing line on November, 1st 2015 you will find it on our Online Shop IloveSki and in a few clicks you can receive the T-shirt of your choice without even stepping out.

Now that Christmas is coming, with I Love Ski we are now offering the best gift for a person who identifies with winter sports and with the ski scene.

A unique gift in limited edition that you friends or family will keep in their favorite drawers and for special occasions. We are not speaking here of galas or great events but of these moments when you can feel like yourself and express it through style with a touch of elegance, good taste, perfect cut and unique designs created by the designer of the brand “Brain and Beast”, Angel Vilda. A garment of luxury for the ones who value high quality cotton. A brand new line of garments which become your best travel companions once you are in the snow and also for Après Ski, when we have the best evenings with our friends wearing something different, of high quality with good fabrics.

Have a go on the Online Boutique I Love Ski and take a look at the Limited Edition I Love Ski of the New Winter Season 2015-2016.

Our line comprises three models of T-shirts for men and women, looking amazing on both thanks to the cut slightly fitted which will fit you like a glove.

For the ones sensitive to the cold we are providing hoodies and for the others who find it uncomfortable or useless because of their hooded jacket, we are providing sweatshirts with the same design.

We chose intense colors full of energy and we hope it will be to your liking. We would be very pleased to see you wearing our garments after having kicked off our very own line of merchandise.