I Love Ski is a website developed on an international scale, today we are proud work with a company that shares our values, creativity and innovation the two pillars of our brand. After a few months seeking for a partner we have finally found the ideal one: BRAIN AND BEAST.
  BRAIN AND BEAST is a recently created company launched in 2010 in Barcelona by its main designer Ángel Vilda, which keywords are style, modernity and innovation The company uses high quality textiles and aims to combine contemporary fashion, modern designs, and a touch of humor. But besides the choice of material, the designers pay specific consideration to the cut of the garment to create a sophisticated and unique piece of clothing.
  What makes the difference is the design, at the first glance the company’s product has nothing special but it uses a wide range of textiles and colors carefully chosen, and nothing is left to chance. We are looking forward to work with them and start the new clothing line designed especially for our snow lovers community.

What the clothing line will start with

Our first clothing line tailor-made and exclusively designed for our skier and snowboarder community:
  • -T-shirts
  • -Hooded sweatshirts
  • -Sweatshirts
  We are very proud to have created with BRAIN AND BEAST, a unique clothing line, we have personally chosen the design, cut and textile among the article of clothing they created for us. The line follows the latest trends and we hope will meet the expectations of the skiers and snowboarders, and surprise the snow lovers with original and innovative designs. If you are interested in fashion, or if you want to know more about highly creative brands, just take a look at the latest BRAIN AND BEAST fashion show, at the 080 Barcelona Fashion week in July. As for our clothing line, it will be available in late October 2015.
  A brand new line, unique and exclusive which will make a difference at a bar or a restaurant after a good day of skiing and fresh air. Only 100 units will be created for a limited edition. They will be available within a few weeks, do not hesitate to take a look at the website meanwhile. We hope you will enjoy the line we created together with the BRAIN AND BEAST designed especially for snow lovers.