The No’Souci Card makes skiing easier, and offers advantages not only at Peyragudes but also throughout all N’PY’s ski resorts (Piau-Engaly, Arette-La Pierre Saint Martín, Grand Tourmalet, Pic du Midi, Cauterets, Gourette and Luz-Ardiden). Customers buy it once in the season (online or at the resort) and  with the No’Souci Card’s remote payment technology can ski now and pay later by Direct Debit.

Join the No’Souci Club to obtain many advantages, including a reduction of 30% on the daily ski pass at Peyragudes. The No’Souci Card also offers a discount for families. For every four cards ordered (2 adults and two children under 18yrs), one of the four cards is free.

Another advantage is the ‘hands free’ system. It automatically detects the electronic card at the ski lifts. No need to present ytheour card, just get on board the ski lifts, avoiding never-ending queues. Make the most of the pistes as soon as you arrive

If you want to cancel your day’s skiing, no questions asked, N’PY won’t charge your card for that day’s skiing. The sole condition is that you must cease skiing before 10am, and complete the online declaration the same day.

Thanks to your No’Souci card, now you can enjoy hassle-free skiing. The group N’PY offers on-piste rescue insurance, valid for the entire season.
Among other benefits, this insurance covers the cost of mountain searches
and initial medical transportation fees. Cover applies to accidents arising out of activities covered by the policy, following the intervention of public services or professional rescue services.

Discounts across all N’PY resorts

The No’Souci Card also gives discounts across all N’PY resorts – 10% on all on-site services; accommodation, ski hire, ski lessons and much more.

By way of thanking you for choosing N’PY resorts, the No’Souci Club offers you:

– A discount of 50 % on your 5th day skiing
– Your 10th, 15th and 20th days free!

There is also a free Student N’PY map including all the services to spend the best seasons. This year it offers interesting advantages:

  • no checkout
  • 25% off the entire season on the price of ski passes by the day
  • 50% discount on the 5th day of skiing
  • the 10th, 15th, 20th days free
  • Track emergency insurance optional 12 € for the whole season
  • 50% discount on Thursdays except school holidays.

No doubt, for frequent skiers at Peyragudes station or other stations in the group N’PY, this card is a good option for this season.