Baqueira Beret ski resort begins the season of his 50 years with interesting new products that improve the quality of its facilities and the service lent to its users. All this adds to the events planned for the 50th anniversary are good reasons to visit this ski resort this winter.

New tracks

The major discovery during this winter 2014-2015 will definitely be the 21 new runs that the area has made available for its clients for this 50th anniversary season. One of the brand new areas to open its doors is that of the new lift and track, Saumet. This lift, which exceeds a height of 380 m, opens up tracks for experts and gives access to 4 new tracks: The red run, Asumet, and the three black tracks, Craba, Sanglier and Orri Tredós, which go through the valley of Baciver and reach Orri.

Other notable nooks in which you will be able to leave your trace is the area of Bonaigua with its new black track,  Muguet, as a variant of the Manaud slope and the black track, Barranc der Aire, which starts at the Teso dera Mina chairlift and opens up a new route connected to the Bonaigua track. In Beret, from the top of the ski lift, Costarjas, you can descend from the new red tracks Barlongueta and Parros to the base of Beret. Finally, a route that has become a main run which many will want to try is the slope of black track  Passarells on the northern face of the mountain.

New Chairlifts

Baqueira Beret has 35 lifts this season, with a carrying capacity of 60,683 persons/hour. Moreover, with three new lifts this season’s skiing quality is much improved.

New Jesus Serra four-seater chairlift. This new chairlift replaces the Vista Beret chairlift and joins Orri with Beret in a comfortable and fast manner. Starting at Orri at 1,847m altitude and arriving at 2,160m altitude, it is 1.965m long and has a capacity of 2,400 persons/hour.
New button lift Saumet, beginning at the middle of Vista Beret’s track at 2,006m altitude and arriving at 2,384m altitude, it is 1,173m long and is considered as an area for experts, giving access to 4 new pistes.
New button lift Stadium, beginning at 1,845m altitude, very close to chairlift Dera Reina and running parallel to it, it climbs up to 2,222m altitude. It is open to all skiers but has been specifically designed for those who train at Beret’s Stadium.

High cuisine at Val de Ruda

The highest diner-bar of the resort is located in Baqueira at 2,200m. This distinctive pop architectural building is one of Baqueira’s best terraces with the best views of the Montarto and Aneto peaks. It is ideal for a snack so as to continue skiing without delay. In Beret, the restaurant, Audeth, allows you to enjoy the taste of Aranese specialties and cuisine after a morning on the slopes.

The shopping, restaurant and hotel area in Val de Ruda is an important asset at the core of Baqueira 1500. It is an indoor zone with all the services any user may need in Baqueira – both at the start of a skiing day and when returning from a whole day of skiing. There are rentals, shops, restaurants, hotels, and a large underground parking lot to protect your car from the frequent snowfall. Having the ticket offices and the base of the ski lift right in the heart of Ruda, this area couldn’t be any more comfortable for you.

The advantages of Baqueira Ski Service Store

Ski Service is much more than just a store, a workshop or a rental for winter sports equipment. It offers a storage service of keeping your skis and boots safe so you don’t have to carry them back to your room or home. You can also ask to have your skis delivered to your hotel and have different kind of skis every day in order to try different styles and shapes, depending on the snow forecast.


This season is very special for the Aran Valley resort because it will be celebrating the 50th anniversary. There are numerous events planned to celebrate Baqueira Beret’s 50th birthday. The most important weekend will be during mid-January, when it will have numerous events on the mountain and also in Ruda galleries. The event is on the same day as the World’s Snow Day, sponsored by the International Ski Federation in which special events are held to bring snow awareness to children and families in order to convey the benefits of the practice of winter sports.