Aramón’s company organizes a contest for the awarding of 2 new projects of PIGA’s phase 1. The construction of 3 new ski trails and of the water supply system for snow cover starts in the coming weeks. Aramón has published a call for tenders for 2 new projects in order to continue extension works of Aramón Valdelinares’ ski resort for a value of 4 millions of euros.

The purpose of the contest is the conception of the draft project, the innovation system’s installation of 3 new ski trails and of the new ski lift with 4 seats. In this way, Aramón invites companies, which want to participate, to submit it project before 13rd Juny of 2014.

The conditions for participation and details of the project are available on the company’s web site : Furthermore, next week, starts the construction of 3 new ski trails : “Bujarones” a green ski trail of 2 km long; “Monegro”, a ski trail of medium level of 2,5 km long and finally a red ski trail of 1,3 km “La Chaparrilla”.

Aramón’s company is currently in phase 1 of Aramón Valdelinares’ expansion project which has started in 2009. This project complies with a strong demand from skiers who come to turolense ski resorts. The other purpose of this project is to galvanize Gúdar Javalambre’s region by contributing to economic and social development in the area.