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Presentation of the White Book about the industry of ski in China 2015


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I love Ski China

This past February the 28, Wu Bin, vicepresident of the station of Lake Songhua, oficially published the White Book about the industry of ski in China. Mr. Wu said that one of the drawbacks of the ski industry in China is that it lacks a general statistical data.

Thanks to this White Book, part of this problem will solve waiting for this to bring something positive to the Chinese industry of ski. 

 According to the respective data of 2015, the number of skiers reached the 12, 500,000. This represents an increase of 21.36% in compare to last year. 

When it comes to the market of nacional ski, the region of Beijing tekes the first place with 23 stations and with the highest amount of skiers in the country: 1.690.000. They are situated behind the province of Heilongjiang with 1.490.000 and the province Jillin with 960.000 skiers. 

Repartition of the stations of ski in China. 

In this White book we can find data about the infrastructure. In 2015, 568 stations were constructed of which 108 are very recent. This total figure of 568 stations is divided between 25 provinces and regions. The area highlighted in this regard is the Heilongjiang Province which has the most stations exactly 120. The Chinese Northeast is the main area where the stations are located, although a trend of change in direction can be seen in the center of the country. 

Graphic: The number of ski resorts and skiers in Chinese Blue : number of ski resorts Red: number of skiers (unit: ten thousand) 

According to this analysis of the ski industry in China, now only a 3% of the stations are vacacional, a 75% are the stations to experiment ski, meanwhile a 22% are stations destinated to the fans that want to elevate their level. Distribution of the Chinese ski stations in function of their activity. 

In blue: stations to experiment the ski. 
In red: stations where fans can raise their level of skiing 
Green: holiday seasons 

As regards of the the surface of Chinese stations only one station in 2015 exceeded 100 hectares Wan ke Lake Songhua. The other stations are divided as follows: 7 with a surface of 50 to 100 hectares and the remaining 485 are small stations with a snow surface less than 5 hectares. 

According to statistics there are 12 stations that received more than 150,000 tourists annually including the following that highlight: Chang baishan, Wan ke Lake Songhua, Wanlong and Nan Shan, who received more than 200,000 skiers:Chang baishan, outperformed the high figure of 300,000. As for the overall situation most stations only have less than 20,000 clients each year. 

The equipment these Chinese stations have is divided into 122 stations and 198 cable cars stations. They also have 618 conveyor belts, with a total length of 92 062 m , 149 m of average per station.According to the data provided by the manufacturers of snow facilities in China there are already 4,000 snow cannons, 3,500 imported and 500 manufactured in China. 

In recent years it is booming the construction of indoor ski slopes allow skiing during the four seasons with the installation of 9 tracks Indoor in 2015: 
- Bing xue shi jie (Chong qing) 
- Bing fen wan xiang (Shen yang) 
- Bing fen wan xiang (Cheng du) 
- Yin Qi Xing (Shanghai) - Qiao bo (Zhe jiang ) 
- Qiao bo (Bei jing) 
- Bing Zhi mei (Bei jing) 
- Shi jie zhi chuang (Shen zhen) 
- Rui xiang (Hu nan)

 Likewise the modality of ski in dry developes in huge steps in China, becoming the second world market of dry ski.


  • Mengyao


    "La población china es enorme, pero las personas que esquían son realmente pocas. Por un lado, es por el retraso del desarrollo la industria de esquí. Por otro lado, por el clima geográfico. China es un mercado bastante potencial actualmente, me parece que para los países europeos, es interesante integrarse el esquí con el turismo para atraer a más turistas chinas, dado que Europa cuanta con los mejores instalaciones y recursos de esquí."

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