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Face to face: Alexandre Maulin


Friday, June 7, 2019

I Love Ski Alexandre Maulin

Alexandre Maulin, president of Domaines Skiables de France, is above all a man in the field. President of the Maulin Ski Group, he runs the ski area of Sybelles, a great collective success that his father initiated. He tells us about his career and his vision of the mountain of tomorrow.

I Love Ski: Can you tell us about your professional career and in public life?

Alexander Maulin: I started working after graduating as a ski patrol on the slopes, then I worked in the real estate sector, and then I returned to the ski area management in the Maulin Ski family business. After a few years, I wanted to buy the group from my family, but since they didn’t want to sell it, I moved to Senegal to change my job. I was importer and distributor of the brand Polaris (American brand of all-terrain vehicles), but I returned three years later, when the family members accepted the sale of the group.
I bought the group eight years ago and it's been an exciting job. I love working on mountain design and customer service to sell our clients an unique skiing experience. We are lucky to have the best job in the world, far from being the simplest. We need very good industrial tools that which are the lifts and we must provide an optimal service with the limitations of a farmer, who depends largely on weather conditions. All this is what kind of constitutes the charm of our job.
I Love Ski: What are your motivations? Why do you get up in the morning?
Alexander Maulin: The pleasure of moving forward, of finding solutions. That's kind of what we wanted with Pascal Tournier, when we were at the head of Domaines Skiables de France. Our motivation is support, simplification and anticipation: finding solutions to support our partners, who really need solutions and facilitation of strategic problems, as well as simplifying the French administrative bureaucracy, which is extremely complicated, and anticipating the needs of the future. It consists of sitting around a table, finding solutions and moving better and faster every day.
I Love Ski: if you look back, what are your greatest personal and professional achievements?
Alexandre Maulin: As a father, without any doubt, it’s the birth of my daughter.
In a professional career, there are many great moments, events that have a particular flavor each. I still have 20 or 30 years ahead of me to work, so I don’t ask myself too many questions.
The creation of Sybelles is a great success: we work in perfect harmony with the elected officials with the desire to move forward. Today we have a very good product that we are constantly improving. And the clients adhere to the improvements we bring, and this is a real satisfaction for me.
Advancing in customer satisfaction is still an important part of the success for the future.
I Love Ski: You are a defender of the mountain, but also a developer of this territory. How do you see the French mountain in 5 or 10 years?
Maulin Alexander: As I often say, we’ve passed an era of pioneers who gave a hand to excellent technicians, engineers who overcame the technological challenges that were before us. Today we are focusing again on the client. Tomorrow, it will be through digital services, seeing how to improve customer service so that the client enjoys an optimal mountain experience.
I Love Ski: When we talk about the future of skiing, there are defenders and detractors of this practice. How do you see the future of skiing?

Alexander Maulin: Skiing has a real future. We must win back the young. In the French population, young people are not given enough opportunity to discover this French treasure, which is the ski and mountain resorts.
Skiing is the most beautiful virus of all: so let's try to spread it to as many customers as possible!

Photo: The Sybelles


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